I’ve been blessed to live an extraordinary life. Forever people have been asking me to write a book and share my story… for the past year I have been attending Toast Masters to develop my confidence in delivering speeches. This work allowed me to say “YES” when I was asked to share my story this past December at VoiceStory.

When I was only 25 years of age, I spent 38 days in a South Korean jail. The irony is that I left Canada depressed & suicidal and telling my boyfriend “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE” and it was in that jail that I found my freedom!

In my story, I share my realization that freedom is a state of mind. We can cultivate it ourselves, change our perspectives and create the world we want to be experiencing. “I realized freedom was a state of mind and that nothing could take my FREEDOM from me. We have the POWER to create our REALITY, or at least the story we tell ourself about it.” Check out my story here..