The Equinox is nearing. As summer turns to fall, we are turning inward. The days slip away into longer cool nights and we find ourselves wearing warm sweaters, drinking hot cups of tea and becoming more contemplative and reflective.



Fortunately. we do not have to wait for Thanksgiving to express our gratitude.

NOW is a great time to take inventory of that which we truly have to be GRATEFUL for in our lives.



So I took some time to look back on this year past… all the way back to last September 2017. I made a list of the blessings, highlights, experiences and gifts of this past year… here are a few I wish to share with you now (to inspire you in writing your own list).


I’m grateful for my health and vitality. I am grateful for my strength and capacity. I am grateful for my journey and evolutionary path…




Mother and daughter trips to Mexico for Spring Break and Road Tripping to Tofino this summer



Hanging with Tony Robbins in California and Vancouver



EPIC summer with music festivals, RVS, teaching yoga, summer lovin’ pn the coast



EPIC friends and social circles of people who I love, who inspire me and who are there for me when I forget how awesome I am



Amazing career advancement and the opportunity to work with so many people, sharing my gifts and inspiring living with “authenticity” and “aliveness”



To name a few…


Love to hear what you are GRATEFUL for… it can be BIG or small… one time, or daily… Share in the comments so I can celebrate with you.


In love and gratitude.