Phase 3 of Clearing the Clutter…

This is the 3rd and final newsletter in the Declutter Series, where I offer you simple & effective tips designed to help you clear out the old to make space for the new!

In the first of this serieswe looked at cleaning up your (HOME) ENVIRONMENT.

I shared how important it is to let the Universe know that you are ready for change. That means discarding the old to make room for the new.

In the second of the series, we looked at areas of MONEY & ABUNDANCE and how to make subtle shifts that create lasting change over time.

Now the next area we want to talk about is Social Network & SUPPORT ~ you may have heard that the people you spend time with will determine how quickly you reach the SUCCESS you are desiring.

Here are 4 ways to Declutter in this area:

  • Spend time with people who think BIG and take consistent action
  • If people around you speak negatively, either kindly ask them to not do so in your presence, or simply dial back as needed
  • Seek out and make a new friend with someone who is in a higher tax bracket so that you are inspired to leap to the next level of SUCCESS
  • Clear the Emotional Clutter ~ Notice when you are judging someone or making someone or something wrong. In this moment, ask yourself, “What can I do right now for myself that will help me feel more relaxed, happy, and at peace?” When we stop making our life about others, stop trying to control or change others, it can help to release a lot of emotional clutter. It also puts us in our power so that can be responsible for ourselves and making ourselves feel good from the inside out

Remember, you do not have to do all these now.

Ask yourself which one feels the HARDEST and circle that one. Which one is it going to be? Make sure to write it down or circle it, so you have it in front of you so you remember ~ so you see it!

Make a COMMITMENT to yourself to take some action within the next 24 hours. Let the UNIVERSE know that you are ready to experience more JOY, SUPPORT, PROSPERITY… whatever it may be.

Just take one day at a time and HAVE FUN! 

If you would like support and accountability on this DECLUTTERING journey, feel free to book a COMPLIMENTARY session with me (over the phone).